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1Fort McMurray Employment

Everyone knows Fort McMurray as the oil boom town of Canada, offering worker salaries higher than anywhere else in the nation. The cost of living, however, is on par with the salaries, so finding reliable work in this Northern Alberta city is essential to living there. Good job resources are available if you know where to look and how to demonstrate your skills.

2Fort McMurray Job Postings

Jobs become available in Fort McMurray all the time. In fact, some residents of the city say that many establishments are in such dire need of employees that work visibly stacks up on sales floors because businesses are without necessary employees. There are many jobs in the city in restaurants, retail and similar businesses, but the real draw to Fort McMurray is its oil industry jobs, which often begin at six figure salaries.

3Fort McMurray Cost of Living

The cost of living in Fort McMurray is astronomical. Housing costs are on par with the Beverly Hills postal code, simply because of the enormous salaries and wages in the city and in the oil sands. Goods and services are also very high priced as Fort McMurray is considered northern living, and is relatively remote. Winter conditions are extreme, reaching 60-degrees below, so a Northern Living Allowance is granted to residents on top of a high salary.


“Looking for a job in Fort McMurray has never felt so easy!”

-Ronald Wright, Fort McMurray Resident

“I used to feel like I didn't stand a chance getting a job in Fort McMurray, but not anymore!”

-Ryan Harper, Fort McMurray Resident

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